Skillsoft & the OACC

Your Council is driven by the opportunity to offer educational programs that will help not only your cooperative grow, but your employees grow as well. We are always looking for new and innovative ways to offer courses and programs. We are excited to announce that we have partnered with Skillsoft to bring online training to your cooperative.  

Skillsoft is a cloud-based eLearning resource that offers courses on critical subjects for your cooperative’s success.  Skillsoft allows these courses to be taken at the convenience of the participant from any web connected smart phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer.  To pilot this program and to get a handle on participationwe have chosen 25 courses to offer ranging from basic Microsoft Word/Outlook to basic accounting to  “Facing Challenges as a First-Time Manager.”  We have the ability to set up a customized and individualized learning plans for your cooperative. Having the ability do this will ensure your staff is getting the courses that will help them grow the most in the area you believe they need the most.  

With our ability to create customizable learning plans for your cooperative, we can also generate reports for you that show who has logged into their account and who has completed the courses. The courses that we have chosen range anywhere from six minutes to 90 minutes. This gives each participant the ability to complete these courses in a timely manner.  

To view the course catalog please click hereYou can also sign up by clicking hereEach “seat” (person) will cost $100 and will have access to all twenty-five courses or the specific course your cooperative assignsIf you would like to utilize this program, please contact us today so we can begin setting you up.