Business Development

CEO Performance & Compensation Evaluations

The appraisal of a cooperative’s CEO or general manager can be one of the most challenging and important tasks of the board of directors. The OACC can help facilitate an unbiased performance review, as well as provide industry data to aid in a professional compensation evaluation.

Board Evaluations

Boards need to continually improve to better serve their members, build on the strengths they possess as well develop area of challenges, and make better business decisions. Board evaluations take a dive into the way the board functions as a whole and individually. If done correctly, these evaluations will give improvement points for the boards moving forward. It also ensures the board is focusing on the right areas and not straying out of their roles and responsibilities. If you are looking to make your board stronger and more productive, contact us about doing your evaluation.

Board & Staff Strategic Planning Sessions

Providing direction for your cooperative is a core function of a board member. You are stewards and caretakers of your cooperative. It is critical that the board and staff individually, once a year or every other year get together and have a non-traditional meeting. You need to access your current business environment, your current business direction, book of business and set targets where you want to be and opportunities to best serve your member-owners in the immediate, near future and distant future. The OACC has facilitated many planning session in OK, TX, and Kansas. Contact us if we can help your staff or board plan for the future.

Talent Recruitment – Partnership

The OACC and Triangle Cooperative Service Company formed a partnership to assist cooperatives in the process of finding talent. Finding talent that is a fit for your business is critical to your future success. We recruit GMs & CEOs, CFOs, Managers and employees of various roles through the cooperative.

Assessments – DiSC, Calliper, Pre-Hire – Partnership

Assessment can be used as a tool to help build better teams by assessing personality, trust, knowledge of team members and generally offer opportunity areas to be strengthened. They can also be used to assess how potential candidates would react in a given situation, their overall strengths and weaknesses, and what motivates them personally. If you would like to strengthen your team or another tool to assess a potential team members contact us.